Duet integrates into your daily lifestyle seamlessly, and protects your both your belongings and phones. Attach Duet to your laptop sleeve, keychain or hang it on your bag; download our app; and get peace of mind on the go.

Panic Less
More than an anti-loss device. More than an app. Duet, and the PROTAG app, is an entire eco-system built to prevent you from losing your smartphone. Say goodbye forever to the panic, worry and frustration of losing personal messages, contact lists and selfie photos.
Protection in a Pair
Your phone protects your valuables. Your valuables protect your phone. Duet gives you reliable protection with twice the value, not twice the price. The protection you get is so tight, it’s almost reaching that of a musical orchestra.
A Color for Everyone.
Colour expresses your personality. Which is why we designed Duet’s colours to follow yours. Whatever you attach it to, it looks good with your personal valuables.
  • Find it Quickly

  • Set & Forget

  • It is Smart

  • Test of Time

  • Track ’em all

  • Retrace your Steps

  • Find your Phone


  1. Button
  2. Buzzer
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy)
Chip CSR 1010
Compatibility iOS 7 or Android 4.3 and above
BLE enabled devices
Number of pairing per phone Up to 10
Battery Replacable CR2016 Coin Battery
Battery life Up to 6 months
Range Up to 100 feet (30 metres)
Dimensions 28 x 28 x 6 mm
Weight 6g with battery
Warranty 1 year
Compliance CE standards
FCC standards

Quick Start Guide

How does Duet prevent me from losing my stuff?

The buzzer on Duet alerts you immediately whenever your phone is separated from it. Vice versa, the PROTAG App will alert you when you leave your Duet (attached to a valuable) behind. This way, you can turn around to retrieve your items and stop losing your things again.

My phone is missing, what should I do?

Login to the PROTAG Trace system through the top right button on PROTAG Trace allows you to track your phone’s location, which you can use to retrace your steps back to that location and press the button on Duet to ring your phone once it is within 30m (100 feet) from you.

My items are missing, what should I do?


Whenever an item that is attached to a Duet gets separated from the phone it is paired with, the PROTAG app records the location in addition to the alerts. This way, you can retrace your steps to that location even if you missed the alert. At that location, turn on Radar to determine if your item is within 30m (100 feet) from you.


Can Duet prevent theft?

No, though you will still be alerted if someone takes away your phone or valuables. It's designed for people who tend to lose their belongings.

Where can I attach Duet on?

Duet ships with a key-ring, adhesive sticker by default. You can attach it easily to almost every item such as keys, bags, and purse.

Is Duet compatible with my phone?

Duet requires BLE enabled phones running at least iOS 7 or Android 4.3.

How long can Duet last?

Each CR2016 battery can power a Duet up to 6 months.

Are the batteries replaceable?

Yes, Duet runs on a replaceable CR2016 battery.

How do I setup my Duet?

Just 3 easy steps.
1. Put in the batteries provided.
2. Download the PROTAG app.
3. Follow the easy in-app tutorial to add your Duet to your account.

What is the range of Duet?

The range of Duet to your phone is 10-30m, subjected to your surroundings and placement of Duet.

Do I have to download any apps to use the Duet?

Yes, please download the PROTAG app from the respective app stores.

How to ensure that connection is successful between your phone and Duet?

Once duet is paired with your phone, the blinking red light on duet will be converted to a blinking blue light.

Are there any extra charges to my online PROTAG Trace features?

No, the price you paid is inclusive of the online PROTAG Trace features, the PROTAG App, warranty, and shipping.